Wednesday, March 1, 2017

B&W Block Printing Workshop at Visual Voice

On February 18th, I taught a B&W Block Printing Workshop at Visual Voice Gallery in Truro with such a wonderful group of ladies. Here are some process photos: 

Haley carving her block from a piece of Marmoleum.

Inking her block to pull a proof. 

After a few changes, she printed a limited edition of her block.

Her block, first proof, second proof and edition.

I love the experimental nature in Janet's mark-making. Below the print on the right was an early stage, what amazing texture, but compositionally it didn't quite work so she changed it by carving much of the "sky" away and now the island has a lovely glow.

In every relief class I hand out little test plates so people can get a hang of the material and decide which material they would like to use for their project for the day. I always love it when students turn those little test plates into images as well. Here a bunch of little fishes carved by Suzanne. 

To get a hang of hand printing, we pulled a proof using a barren. 

The main block is Suzanne's christmas card for 2017. (I envy her foresight. Having your Christmas cards finished in February. Amazing!) 

A quick hand-printed proof. 

Changes made and Suzanne's block is now ready to be editioned on the press.  

Registration (alignment of paper and block) in single colour printing is not crucial but it is never a bad idea to practice it now so it is not as awkward when you try printing a multi-coloured print later.

Lovely results!

If you would like to try out these fun workshops at Visual Voice Gallery in Truro, I have 3 more of them scheduled this month:

All workshops are $75 per workshop.
Limited space, Pre-registration required 902-843-9464.

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