Monday, February 27, 2017

2- day Monotype workshop at NSCCD

On Sunday February 12th and February 19th, I had a wonderful time teaching a Monotype workshop at the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design (NSCCD). The first day was focussed entirely on experimenting with black Akua ink only, while the second day was all about colour.
 Here are many of the student's experiments. 

Amanda enjoyed the effect that happens when pressing textile scraps into the ink, especially seams and pockets and she created an entire series of interesting prints.

Experiments with cut paper and Monotype.

Nat created some beautiful experiments with many different found materials before she honed in on a look that she enjoyed.

That red ribbon made for interesting texture. 

So many interesting experiments!

In this print Nat experiments with different size q-tips for wiping and very delicate thread.

Amazing how many monoprints can be made in one day! 

I even got to play a bit with the materials and created this one by pressing feathers into the ink and then wiping the area around them. 

During the second sessions we experimented with colour.

I love that Nat brought her own pre-cut shapes with her to start experimenting with. 

Amanda bought a few clothes at value village so she could continue her ink experiments. 

Ghostly print of a child's knit jacket.

I love how this one has almost an X-ray effect. This is Amanda experimenting with tiny infant socks. 

And Sleeves. 

These very interesting textures happened when Amanda pressed broken text book spines into the ink. 

More Children's clothes. 

I love the interesting effect that Nat created in this print.
Something magical happens where the magenta, blue, yellow ochre and black meet.

Two very carefully composed prints Nat created. the repetition in textures and patterns is beautiful, I think they go together very nicely.

My favourite thing about teaching Monotype is that you can never tell what people are going to do as the possibilities are quite endless. And it is so fun to watch a student figure out which elements they are most interested in.

The next Monotype workshop I am teaching will be at Visual Voice Fine Art in Truro on March 4th and March 31st. Please call 902-VIEWING (843-9464) to reserve your spot.     

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