Wednesday, January 18, 2017

First Mini residency 2017 at Shipston Designs Studios

After more than a year had passed since I printed the first proof of "The Adventurous Soul" I finally had the opportunity to edition the print. In need of a large space to be able to spread out and hang the prints and be uninterrupted, Julie at Shipston Designs Studios and her husband Peter allowed me to convert their downstairs Garage area into the perfect print studio to edition these large 38x38 inch prints. An extra special thank you to Peter Rosvall as this space is technically his domain! 

I arrived on Friday and spend the afternoon setting up the studio, cutting paper and mixing inks. Knowing that I would have a few very exhausting days in front of me, I decided to stop there and just relax that evening with some embroidery, spending quality time with Julie and the cats Thomas and Sophie. 

Saturday morning a quick trip to the Wolfville Farmers Market was a real treat and then it meant back to work. I managed to print the first proof and 3 good prints the first day and followed that with 3 more good prints on Sunday. Monday was for a slow start and clean up before heading home. 


The space before I set up my mini residency studio.

Here a little video tour of the space all set up.

Cutting paper with water and brush.

10 yard of paper cut and ready to go. 

looking at an old proof on fabric to figure out what colour I need to mix I dug up a lot of my old draw down colour test samples. 

Mixing some hanco lithography inks. I could spend all day mixing yellow into red, it's so beautiful. 

I did spent the evening with Thomas (above) and played with Thomas and Sophie (below) their favourite toys and the cardboard box I brought them. 


Ready... Set... PRINT! 

High speed hand printing.

My two favourite hand printing tools. 

The big reveal.

First finished print. Not too bad! 

Studio set up, working in the studio with Land Rovers and tractors.

 Julie kept my energy up with late night spiced turmeric concoctions that were absolutely delicious, especially when topped with coconut whipped cream.
I finished up in the studio at 11:30 pm.


Despite all that arm soreness, still smiling.

High speed inking of the block while being kept warm by the wood burning stove.

I managed to print three more that day, this was the last one, and my breaks between each step became longer and longer due to sore arm muscles and general fatigue. 

Sore hand. 

Sore tools ;).

Hand printing the last one.

Feeling enormously accomplished when seeing them all hanging up. :)

Later in January I will be back for another weekend to edition "the old soul" linocut. I am already looking forward to it.

A huge THANK YOU to Julie Rosvall and Peter Rosvall for inviting me into their home and work space. You two, Sophie and Thomas are wonderful hosts. :)

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