Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Creation & Process of "Self-preservation"

During the Christmas holidays and in the beginning of the year I spent time in the studio creating small reductive linocuts. Printing at least one colour per day, sometimes two until the piece is done. This was the first in the batch. I've thoroughly enjoyed spending extensive time in my own studio, which during "teaching season" often only happens while I am teaching private lessons. It's a marvellous thing to do printmaking in your pyjamas and squeeze another layer in between chores. 

The printmaking corner in my studio space, which gets completely dismantled every time I teach a workshop as I almost always take the press and the materials with me. 

The first layer of this block. I only carved the outer shape and printed it yellow. 

Often the first few layers are carved fairly quickly and get printed on the same day if I have time.

Layer 2. Carved and then printed (below).

Layer 3 carved (above) and printed (below).

Layer 4 carved and printed (below). The carving is starting to get much more complex. And the colours are stronger. 

Layer 5 carved and inked (above) and printed (below).
The switch to cooler colours  is starting to happen with this layer. Often when blues are mixed into my inks, those end up being the layers that start to define serious detail in the image and the jump from the previous layer to this one often is very noticeable. 

Layer 6 is introducing the first purple. Getting closer to blue each time.

Carving tiny details with the tiniest of V-gauges.

Layer 7.

Layer 8.

reductive linocut printed with
Akua inks on white rag paper
Paper size: 8.5in x 8.5in
Edition size: 10
$80 +tax +shipping

If you are interested in purchasing one of these prints
please send me a message at contact@maria-doering.com

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