Monday, November 28, 2016

Relief Printing Workshop at St. FX in Antigonish

For the second time this year I had the pleasure of being invited to travel to St. FX University in Antigonish, NS, to teach a Reductive Relief printmaking workshop that was open to the public. As the first time, the workshop was full and it was a real pleasure to work with so many interested and excited participants. 

Paper ready. 

Materials ready. 

My Artwork laid out on display.
AAAAND off we go!

The first layers were finished and printed in the early afternoon. 

Anna carved and printed her second layer, to create the floating ice effect.

Heather carving her second layer on the mug.

Various mug experiments. 

Mug with green background. 

Leah printed a proof and decided to make changes on her second layer.

Well done! Beautiful results! 

Inking stations. 

The second layers are being carved.

Birch woods, Noela's second layer printed. 

With the Komatex it was easier for inking purposes to cut out the background completely. As long as the corner she is registering was still left behind.

Rosemary is delighted with her finished print! Well done! 

Anna's print. She is using the komatex mostly like an etching plate, scratching into with an etching needle, it create a beautiful white line drawing. 

For the second layer Anna carved a lot more. 

She also printed the second layer with black on a few sheets to test the different effect. 

Kate carving a complex image. 

Sherron cut out the shape to make inking easier, and then placed the shape back into the white frame for registration purposes. 

Odile's Cuba tribute.

Thank you to Kate Georgallas for inviting me, the Society of Antigonish Printmakers and the St. FX art department for the opportunity. I enjoyed my stay immensely. See you next time! 

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