Friday, October 14, 2016

Weekend printing at Shipston Designs Studios

The wonderful Julie Rosvall, aka Shipston Designs Studio invited me into her beautiful studio in the Gaspereau Valley area once again on October 1st and I used the time to finish off some of the remaining items from my OSA residency to-do list. I finished printing the large 2x2 foot reduction linocut that I had so much trouble with. In terms of registration it's probably the worst print I have created in 10 years. But that's ok, every once in a while every printmaker has to make a bad print again. I think I managed to get one that is good enough to show. The others will likely get chopped into greeting cards, we shall see.
I also printed up a bunch of Christmas cards by using up some old ink.

This was the large print before I carved and printed the final layer. 

Carving took almost a full day. Sometimes I forget that I can heat the linoleum to make it easier to carve, instead I end up with a bruised dent in my finger from the tool and the pressure. 

Late night Shenanigans with Thomas the Cat. 

The final layer all inked up. 

Detail of the inked block, the light areas show where all I carved out more.

I've recently gotten into the habit of inking even my large blocks with a small brayer. 

First proof pulled of the print. This block I carved in a way that I could edition this final layer as well as separate prints. 

When walking between Shipston Designs Studio and the house, the cows across the street keep an eye on you.

Detail of the final Layer printed. 

I used up some old left over ink for the christmas cards. It's fun to see this block inked in a unexpected color. 

Between the big prints and all the christmas card I quickly filled up the clothes line and every surface in Julie's Studio. Her husband put up another clothes line for me downstairs. 


It's starting to feel a bit crowded. 

Little Mister Chipmunk says hello. 

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