Saturday, September 3, 2016

Workshops at Ottawa School of Art

This week Friday and Saturday I had the opportunity to teach two workshops. As there was not much lead time for advertising we only had one person sign up for the Colour Monotype workshop on Friday but I was still able to run the class. What a wonderful treat to be able to spend a full day with one person being able to teach a much more in depth workshop. It was a lot of fun. 

The lovely Louise Butler did a bunch of Monotype experiments with various plants in black and white before she moved on to multi-layered colour Monotypes. 

Some of her colour experiments. 

My quick demo image.

Figurative Monotype demo image. 

Today I taught a Reductive Relief Printing workshop to four wonderful printmakers and we shared many laughs. It was a delightful experience as always and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching them. Three of the participants where part of the Ottawa Printmakers Connective.  

Beth inking her first layer of her "Bad Cat!" print.

Very concentrated work time. 

First layer printed, now everyone raced to get at least a few prints of the next layer done before the end of the day. 

Mark inking his second layer. 

Emily working hard on her frog print. 

First layer.

Second layer. The red printed in some of the areas she carved away since her carving wasn't deep enough, but the outcome is lovely!
I love the textures in her print, fabulous! 

Well done everyone!
A kind thank you to the Ottawa School of Art for accommodating the workshops despite the last minute and low registration.

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