Monday, September 19, 2016

Multi-block Relief Printing Workshop in Wolfville

On Saturday, I had the pleasure to return to Shipston Designs Studio in Wolfville. This was the third workshop in this 3-part series. I am hoping to do another trio of workshops in this beautiful setting next year. This was the largest group, seven participants in total and it was as always a ton of fun.

During this workshop neither Julie nor I remembered to take photos of everyone's prints. Sorry, we did not mean to leave anyone out. Chelsea, Nancy, Marion and even Perry we somehow missed out on taking photos of your finished prints! 

The early morning light always makes me excited to work in Julie's gorgeous little printshop set up. 

Seven students hard at work! 

Komatex shavings. 

Kristina Vermeulen carving a happy little cactus. 

Sian Morris Ross planning out the carving on her second lino block after transferring the image from her previously carved block. 


Perry Park printing his Komatex blocks in blue and in black.

Marion Meudt inking her first carving ever. 

Nancy inking her first block. 

It's an inking PARTY!

Louise d'Entremont is inking her block with a very happy yellow.

Next layer was Magenta. 

Sian pulling the magenta layer on top of the yellow ochre layer. 

Kristina Vermeulen is making a fun little cactus. 

Thank you to Julie and Peter as always for being wonderful hosts! Thanks for everyone who joined the workshop! I can't wait to see what you are doing next! 


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