Thursday, August 25, 2016

Colour Monotype Workshop at Visual Voice in Truro

On August 18th, I returned to Visual Voice Fine Art in Truro to teach the Colour Monotype Workshop. As expected it was a lot of fun and all 5 participants enjoyed it thoroughly. 

First major field trip for my not quite so little table top etching press. In this case more like a "pedestal-top".

Little sample prints for this workshop.

Inks, rollers and all that ready for action.

Corinne brought beautiful plants from her garden for her Monotype experiments.

She also made a three layer Monotype with the reductive wiping method.

Rosemary experimented with cut paper pieces to print silhouettes of birds onto a blue background.

Victor is working on many beautifully composed monotypes. The various foliage he borrowed from Corinne turned out like a small forest.

Rachelle came up with some innovative techniques, including rolling a golfball around on a plate to create unique marks.

Rachelle's prints

Harmonia is a big fan of Maple leaves, she made them part of all of her prints.

Harmonia's prints.

More of Victor's prints.

 Corinne enjoyed experimenting with all the little treasures she brought from her garden. 

Corinne's prints.

Overall it was a big success and a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone who so enthusiastically participated and of course thank you to Visual Voice for hosting the workshop. Nuri did a great job taking many of these photos. Thank you Nuri! 

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