Monday, July 25, 2016

Open Art Studio Event & Sale

On Saturday July 9th I held an open art studio event. Thank you so much to everyone who was so amazing to stop by and support my work!
It was lovely to see you all at my Open Studio event. Thank you to those of you who purchased some of my piece, I am always delighted for them to find a new home.

Many of my new mini prints found new homes, but I am especially happy that one of the pieces from my Internal Dialogues Body of work has sold:

Mixed Media 
acrylic painting with linocut 
printed on fabric on woodpanel

Small works and greeting cards display.

The Internal Dialogues Body of work took over the living room.

I displayed the various works in progress in my studio.
My current print/embroidery projects, unfinished drawings and paintings.

New linocuts in the works.

As part of the Open Studio Event I did a few short demonstrations to show visitors how my little table top printing press works, and to help them understand how my work was printed.

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