Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Intro to Relief Printing Workshop at Shipston Designs Studio

On July 13th I taught the first in a series of 3 workshops at Shipston Designs Studios in Wolfville.
What a beautiful studio, what a fun  place to teach a workshop and a great group of students! This first workshop was all about black and white relief printing. I went in depth about carving, carving tools, hand printing and printing on the press.

The next workshop is going to be on Saturday August 13th, and if you are interested contact me, there are still spots in this one and the next.  

I arrived in Wolfville the night before the workshop and with the help of Julie and her husband Peter got everything set up. 

Peter let me use the downstairs area of the garage for the first half of the workshop. I was especially excited about this as there were two large garage doors we were able to open during the beautiful weather the next day. It was like working outside but without the sunburn and heatstroke. 

Julie let me set up in her studio upstairs for the second half of the workshop. It was so nice not to have to transport my little table top press but instead teach in a studio set up! Awesome!

Those who know me well, know I rarely do anything art related without my toolbox near by. It has everything I could possibly need in it. 

Before the participants arrived I went for a nice stroll on the property, this is the Cherry Orchard. 

I love willows. And this one is magnificent!

The garage studio space is ready to go, and the weather is lovely! 

I love that the tractor mower was hanging out in front of the door, what an inspiring sight next time I should teach an automotive drawing class on their property instead. So much inspiration! 

Lovely workshop! 

Ready, Set, Go! 
We had thought we may move the table outside in the sun, so I was wearing my sun hat. Then we didn't and I forgot to take the hat off. Silly me.  

It doesn't take long for the creative mess to spread everywhere. 

This is workshop participant Perry carving his block. 

I am demonstrating hand printing with different tools. 

Inking up Perry's block. 

Demonstrating printing Perry's block. 

Various different proofs of Perry's block. 

Chelsea drawing on Komatex before carving her block. 

Participant Louise and her first linocut print. I always love seeing how different people approach the different tools and mark making techniques differently. 

And editioned. All done. 

Lynette Richards spoon printing a proof. 

Lynette's finished press printed edition. 

Chelsea inking and printing her roots linocut. 

Block and finished print by Chelsea. 

What a fun group! I can't wait for the next workshop! Next up is reductive printing, with which you can print multiple colors/layers from a single block.

Thank you so much to Julie & Peter Rosvall for inviting me to teach this series of workshops in their gorgeous place. Also thank you to Julie for taking many of these photographs and helping me document the workshop!

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