Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Black & White Monotype Workshop at Visual Voice Gallery in Truro

On Sunday we were spreading the joy of printmaking once more at Visual Voice Gallery in Truro. What a fantastic group of art enthusiasts I had the pleasure to work with. Fabulous!
Many of them had never made a single print before and the amount of experimentation going on was very impressive! 

This is Wynn our 90 year old participant who proved what I keep saying all along, there is no age limit to creativity and did she ever have a good time making beautiful images. 

Everyone hard at work. 

Janet combining bubble wrap texture with some reductive Q-Tip Drawing. 

I had press duty all day on Bob Morouney's little Praga press. He was so kind to lend it to me once more. 

Much concentration, but also so much excitement. 

Experimentation with yarn, and found materials.

Some straight up drawings. 


These four prints were pulled from the same block, the bottom two were first and then we removed the paper that created the silhouettes and printed two more. Creating a pretty interesting little series. 

The most popular variations were created by using foliage and running it through the press. From Dandelions, to clover to lunch lettuce. Everything was experimented with. I can't wait to teach this workshop again in the future. So much fun!

Keep a look out for upcoming workshops via Visual Voice and my own news!

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