Monday, April 4, 2016

Layer, Color & Relief Workshop & Artist talk in Antigonish

What a weekend it was! 
The lovely Kate Georgallas invited me to Antigonish, NS to give a workshop at the Saint Francis Xavier University Art Department  in collaboration with the Society of Antigonish Printmakers. I was put up at the beautiful Victorian Inn Bed & Breakfast which was a wonderfully relaxing safe haven after a great but thoroughly exhausting day of workshop teaching and artist "talking". 

What a delicious Breakfast at the Victorian Inn B&B

I found some posters for my two events in the hallways at St. FX

 Kate and I set everything up starting at 7:30 am, by 9am we were ready for the workshop participants to arrive. 

We set up both of their Praga etching presses, though I ended up only using 1 of them for the workshop, too much juggling. 

 Participants are eagerly getting started on their key image, throughout the workshop they learned about reductive printing and multiblock printing, everyone carved their key image and then transferred it to a second block. It was a good way for people to learn something new and get started on a bigger project. No one finished their prints but everyone went home satisfied. 

I am very excited to be teaching this workshop. 

 Showing the lovely Leslie how to do a rubbing of her block so she can see what she just carved. 

Fenn chopping away at his block. 

I brought in some of my blocks as examples. 

These two lovely ladies came all the way from Guysborough, NS to learn all about Relief printing.

Fenn was ready to proof his chicken. 

Some printing press goofing around. 

Showing some examples of reduction and multiblock printmaking. 

Showing one of my favorite little artist books ever by the talented Mary Blackman "The Fungus Among Us" from our Undergrad days at Hartford Art School.

Inking action!

Carving more after proofing. 

Printing, Carving, Printing, Carving! 

Some of the first proofs and prints hanging up to dry.  

After the workshop finished, I gave a 1 hour long artist talk to the public showing some prints and telling my story. It was wonderful to meet everyone at St. FX, thank you for hosting me! 

 Before the crowds stormed the fort! ;)

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