Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Launch of New Independent Online Shop

This last weekend I finally launched my new online storefront

Maria Doering shop

I have been with Etsy since they were in their beta version and I made a lot of sales through my Etsy store front in the first four years. Random strangers from all over North America and Europe would come across my work, be interested, and purchase my art. Overall it was worth the amount I spent on listings and the amount of time it takes to service the account properly.

Etsy has changed dramatically in the last three years, as many of you already know. They have changed their mandate to allow mass manufactured items for sale, and the original premise of everything being handmade arts and craft is no longer the case. They also have grown so massively that the chance of anyone stumbling across your shop by accident has become close to impossible. The only sales that would happen for me were to people I knew that I directed to the store. I realized that the one thing that I hoped to get out of Etsy, to reach a larger audience, is only possible by spending a significant amount of time in their social media arena and by spending a significant amount of money on advertisement or listings. I decided that I already spend too much time on social media as is, and that I rather invest the money in supplies or advertisement of a shop that I am confident to be the right fit for me. The decision to close my Etsy shop came easily to me and has been in the works for about a year now.

As those of you who read my blog or know me are well aware, it has been a busy year. Finally there was a bit of time and as I do so often I asked my husband Scott (aka Mr. Manager) to help me set up my own online store. Luckily it came included in my web hosting package and therefore was no extra cost. Now there is no need to ever "renew" any listings and get charged for it, I can list as many items as I want, when I want. It ties in better with my website and there are no distractions. It is a great way for anyone who is interested in my work to purchase directly from me. Of course Scott did a great job (as always) in setting everything up and uploading my entire inventory into the system. When I decide it is time to add a listing, all the pertinent information is already there. We then worked together on customizing one of the free templates and turning it into something I am visually happy with. When you have time please take a look!

One of the exciting features on the site is that you can change the currency from Canadian Dollar into Euro or US Dollar so all of you shoppers abroad can immediately view what great deals our sad and weak Canadian Dollar can bring you.

For now I have the newest works posted but older works will follow soon (when there is time, of course). If you like the art I create feel free to purchase right through the new store. If you are interested in a commission project, please contact me directly through my website first and we can discuss your idea.


Steven said...

Good luck with your new online shop- I know what you mean about Etsy changing over the ears and I guess we all really want that independent feeling of striking out on our own anyway. I'm sure the audience you reached through Etsy are just going to follow you to to your new online home anyway, they like your stuff.

Steven @ Cambridge Local Marketing

Edwin said...

I love that you have clearly taken so much time and thought over naming your pieces. There is so much more to a "Passion (second state)" or an "Enveloped Evolution" than to something titled "Abstract in Red" or similar . It gives us a way in to your thought processes as you created the art which adds a whole new dimension.

Edwin @ Clicks In Motion

Maria Doering said...

Thank you Edwin,

Calling them "abstract in red" wouldn't make any sense to me since they are not abstract. They are based on the inside of the body, cellular structures and what a cell would look like if we could see "passion" under a microscope. Making the intangibles tangible. I appreciate your comment!

Caroline said...

I was also sold products on Etsy, and like you, I have become frustrated with how they changed to include so many multi-manufactured items, instead of handmade. A web shop is a perfect solution. Suddenly you have some control over who your market. ROI and branding are your new friends! Good luck in building traffic and in continuing your artwork.

Caroline @ Strategic InfoTech, Inc.