Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Boston Adventures & a long drive home

My last stop before my drive home was Boston. I visited Jane Goldman at Mixit Print Studios in Somerville who took some time to sit down with me and share her experiences of opening a printshop. Thank you Jane! 

 View of the studio space at Mixit Print studios.

Industrial sink at Mixit Studios.

 A wall of mostly Akua Inks at Mixit Studios.

 My next stop was to visit Carolyn Muskat at Muskat Studios
Tamarind Master Printer Carolyn Muskat welcomed me to her contract printing - lithography studio with a large mug of tea and an overwhelming amount of helpful information. She took 4h out of her busy schedule and answered endless questions, showed me how she built her graining sink and even gave me a chemistry lesson. 
I can't thank you enough! It was a tremendous opportunity to pick your brain and thank you for being so open and forth coming about your experiences. 

Finally after a very exhausting day of visiting printshops I made it to my dear friend Patricia's place in Brighton. The best thing about visiting Patricia's place was that I had to do absolutely nothing but chill on the couch, watch old and sappy movies together and eat way too many chocolate chip blondies.
Trish, you where an incredible host, thank you for letting me veg out for a day before my long drive home. It was a pleasure to relax and laugh with you!

My stay at Patricia's coincidentally coincided with the American Thanksgiving holiday and Patricia's family was so kind to invite me to their home for a delicious turkey dinner. This is a photo of Trish and her adorable nephew.

The next morning I hopped in the car by 7:30 AM and drove straight through to Dartmouth, NS in 13h. It was a difficult drive home but I couldn't wait to see my husband and our little Erma Turnip the cat.

 It was a very enjoyable trip and I am still processing the amount of generosity I was showered with during my stay around New England. The Printmaking Community I encountered had no problems sharing their experiences and so much more with me. I came home with two Lithography stones that were gifted to me along the way, two beautiful anniversary books about two different printshops, handmade soap with a ceramic soap dish, a trunk full of prints from my two intensive weeks at Zea Mays and a heart full of love for everyone I encountered. I wish I could bottle this love, enthusiasm and positivity,  so that when life gets difficult I ccould take a good swig. I had forgotten what it feels like to be surrounded by this many different people who are so excited and passionate about printmaking and art in general. All I can say is thank you and all I can do is pay it forward when someone comes to visit me.

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