Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Swoon - "No place like home" - Opening Reception and Exhibition

Swoon Fine Art's first pop up show at the Craig Gallery opened April 29th.
The opening reception was a great success and since an impressive number of pieces have sold.
Brandt Eisner selected the artists and invited them to submit pieces to this show. A jury then chose which pieces would be in the exhibition. The show is overall well curated and is diverse enough to have every visitor excited about a few pieces in their own taste. This I think is Brandt phenomenal talent. When Swoon Fine Art still had it's location in Hammond Plains it was always a revelation to visit because you never knew what you would discover this time. It was a treasure trove. Everything would be beautifully curated and arranged in the most interesting fashion. This show I think has the same feel and wonderfully positive energy just a bit more clean cut than Swoon's brick and mortar location ever was. I love it and am thrilled to see what Brandt comes up with next!

Crowds during the opening reception. 

I match my artwork. What surprise. ;)

This is Lynn Johnson and her incredibly detailed painting. It's always a pleasure to finally meet the artists whose work I have seen around town a fair bit.


This I think might have been my favourite piece in the show. Ballpoint pen drawing by Curtis Botham (?).

These two beauties by Monika Wright (on the left) and Maritza Miari Guiterrez sold all at once while I was Gallery sitting at the beginning of May. Very exciting!

The show is still up until May 30th. If you haven't stopped by I highly recommend it! It's eclectic and beautiful! You will find your sense of "home" in at least one of the pieces.

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