Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Exploring Vancouver in December - Part II - Downtown, Stanley Park, Textures and Impressions

Shortly after our arrival in Vancouver we went to the German Christmas market downtown, and it was absolutely wonderful! Anyone who has ever been to Germany in the winter knows almost every town has their own version of a Christmas market. And what do you find there? Of course gluehwein, (hot spiced wine), sausages, vendors selling wooden hand crafted toys, crafts, nutcrackers, gorgeous wooden Christmas ornaments.. and so much more.
So this Christmas market in Vancouver was like someone beamed an entire German Christmas market up out of a town in Germany and deposited it in Vancouver. Most of the vendors were German, there was a German choir singing German Christmas carols, there was gluehwein, sausages and so much more! WOW! It was one of my favourite things this Christmas season. It was like taking a quick trip home to Germany. :)

My husbands little cousin Ben, my brother in law Geoff and his girlfriend Kat

Ben enjoying a very fast Merry go around.

Me .. in Christmas market heaven.

This was what I saw during our brief stroll downtown to get to the aquabus on our way to Granville Island. 

Rock formation.

Vancouver is so new that many buildings are glass in the downtown area. It gives it a very delicate and light look. Everywhere you turn the sky is reflected back at you.

I like the shape of this building. It has a spine.. and it's dancing. ;) My imagination was getting the better of me. 

Taking a water taxi.

My dear husband Scott is a big Vancouver Canucks fan, so we needed a photo of him with the sculpture of Roger Neilson, the man who invented the playoff towel tradition (without realizing it.)

This is downtown Vancouver at Canada Place. At this point in the visit it had been drizzling incessantly and almost immediately after turned into a downpour that lasted the rest of the day.

Airplane landing on the water. 

Feeling rather wet and grumpy.

The Vancouver Olympic torch.

I am cold and wet but this is sort of fun anyways. 

Douglas Coupland's Digital Orca sculpture near the Olympic torch. 

After warming up in a cafe, we continued our exploration of the area as the weather got worse. But everything looked beautiful with Christmas lights.

I think this was Robson Street that we strolled down.

Vancouver's Chinatown

This building and more important the giant W next to it made such an impression in my subconscious that I have had dreams about it.

Collecting textures and inspiration at Stanley Park. Completely ignoring that it was another wet and very miserable day ;). 

Gloomy Vancouver.

Vancouver's giant pile of sulfur seems like a true bright spot on this very gloomy day. 

But there is a hope. A tiny glimpse of blue sky to be viewed for a whole 30 seconds. 

Stanley Park Sculpture "Girl in a Wet Suit" by artist Elek Imredy.

Brockton Point Totem Poles 

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