Friday, October 31, 2014

Busy October

October has been a very busy month. 

My new reductive linocut "Hold on to all my Limbs" is being exhibited at the Swoon Halloween Show which is closing this Sunday. So make sure you run out to see it in all it's strangeness this weekend. 

During Nocturne, the huge local art at night festival here in Halifax, which was this year October 18th, three of my Internal Dialogue pieces where exhibited at Nightshift. An exhibition put on by the NSCAD school of extended studies. 

My litho - silkscreen combo "Movement of Life II" is going to be exhibited at the NSPA members exhibition starting next week, at the Public archives. Yes, I know..  how traditional of me to actually submit a framed print this year, after last year's huge installation. 

I am also participating in "Transitions" a print exchange which is being organized by the Alberta Printmaker's.  As well as Other People's Prints - the 2014 Editions, which is somewhat of a reunion print exchange of the class of 2007 printmakers at Hartford Art School. We are hoping to make it an annual thing.  More about those in the next post.

October 18th - 23rd Scott and I flew down to Georgia to visit my parents as well as explore the gallery scene in Atlanta. It was great fun and one of the definite highlights was our stop at the Atlanta Printmaker's Studio.
What a lovely members print shop! The wonderful Susan Ker-Seymer gave us the grand tour.

I love their rustic rosin box. Very classy. 

More photos from our Atlanta adventures coming soon. 
Happy Halloween y'all!

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