Saturday, September 6, 2014

Internal Dialogues - New Works by Maria Doering - opening reception

Internal Dialogues: New Work by Maria Doering 

 The opening reception to my Exhibition at Swoon Gallery was this afternoon. What can I say, Brandt Eisner, the owner of Swoon Gallery out-did himself. He did a wonderful job installing the work and finding furniture and pottery to complement the atmosphere in the room. It was truly remarkable. He created an inviting atmosphere and all three exhibition currently on at Swoon were a big success. 
 Over the span of the next week Swoon will add all 35 pieces of Ìnternal Dialogues to the Swoon Website. They can be viewed in detail at the link above mentioned. If you are in the Halifax area, stop by and say hello, the show will be up until September 28th. 

I am excited. What can I say. 

Internal Dialogues

“What is a person?  Are our bodies filled with a soul? 
Is there a separation between the body and soul, or are they one and the same? “

These questions have influenced my art-making for four years. The complex patterns and textures of this work, which I call lacery, is my attempt to visualize what is going on beneath the surface, to try and answer the questions of what we are made of. Lacery is about imagining the sum total of a person’s character, feelings, illnesses, energies, difficulties, and ideas. It is my attempt at a visual representation of the internal dialogue which takes place in all of us. The many smaller paintings are presented as samples of people’s lacery which I have come across over the last several years.

Every portrait is of a woman that I have connected with over the years. Each has her own story and personality, and each is a strong, determined and independent woman in her own right. They fight for what they want and believe in, have a strong connection to family, and a multifaceted character. And yet every single person has her own unique set of doubts and challenges. Their portraits are what I see as an outside observer, how every woman presents herself to the world. I have tried to combine this external appearance with a glimpse of the lacery of their being, the patterns swirling beneath the surface, to bring out what the viewer cannot easily glimpse. 

 Maria and Brandt Eisner. 

The Opening drew quite a crowd and we had a nice and steady flow of people coming through. Two of my pieces have already found new homes. Which is the biggest honour of them all when someone gets so passionate and excited about what they see that they need to take it home. 
I say: THANK YOU!|

I have to Thank everyone in my life for being wonderful and supporting the work I do and what I am passionate about!
Thank you to Fiona, Anne-Marie, Asima, Valerie, Sophie and Kelsey for being wonderful models and great friends! 

I would like to thank Fiona Clark, Andre Chinkan and of course my husband Scott for endless proof-reading of the artist statement. I would still be sitting here trying to make sense of it all without you. 

And finally Brandt surprised me by displaying a lot of my older prints in the hallway coming into Swoon. This had not been planned and it was a wonderful surprise to have the older pieces move the visitor into the newer body of work. 

Thank you!