Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cellular Formation Drawing Set

In 2012 I went back to the roots of just pen and ink drawing. I enjoyed this process so much that the drawings turned into a set of  63 drawings on Canson 300g Watercolor paper.
I recently began to put them up for sale on http://mariadoering.etsy.com
Each drawing is on 9 x 12 inch drawing paper. And here are a few of them. I will make more and more of them available on etsy over the next month.

 The smallest building block of the body is the cell. Cellular Formations is a collection of drawings exploring and reinventing the creative building block. The creative cell can develop into an intricate pattern of lace work, a complex structure or simply stand on its own.

 Coming soon: 

copyright: Maria Doering, 2012-2014

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