Saturday, August 30, 2014

Internal Dialogues: New Works by Maria Doering

My Solo Exhibition "Internal Dialogues" is going to open at Swoon Gallery in Hammond Plains, NS. September 6th. 2-5pm and will run until September 28th. I am thrilled to be able to exhibit this body of work that I have created over the span of the last 4 years. The 35 pieces shown will be a mix of mixed media pattern paintings and portrait/pattern combinations. Each painting has a printed linocut or lithograph collaged into the background. 

48"x 30"
Acrylics with linocut on canvas
Date of completion: 2014

Emotional Shift
12" x 12"
Acrylics and Linocut on Wood panel
Date of completion 2014

Complexity of Sensation
Acrylics, knitted thread and linocut on canvas
Date of completion: 2013

6" x 6"
Acrylics and linocut on wood panel
Date of completion: 2014

30" x 40"
Acrylics, knitted yarn, lithograph on canvas
Date of completion: 2014

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