Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lino 2 - Carving, mixing inks and first proofs

So after weeks of carving. Here some photos of the progress and the finished second 3 x 3ft  linocut of the summer. 

 I did as much carving on the balcony as I could and as the weather would permit. 

Progress Detail

Tiniest Details

 This tiny stuff took almost as long as the whole rest of the block. 

Aaaaand finished. 

Mixing inks in the NSCAD printshop.

My palette.  
I like storing my inks in little acetate pouches sealed with tape. They tend to last much much longer this way. 

 After the first proof.

First Proof detail. 

 Giant cellular Lino 1 - proof 1
Giant Cellular Lino 2 - proof 1 

This is the press I am printing on right now. NSCAD's print department had it custom built by Heritage Machining Services in Kentville, NS. Works like a charm. It has a very large press bed. 8ft x 46in I believe. 

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