Friday, February 1, 2013


January has been a transitional month. Different projects different activities but essentially I was waiting out time until my schedule at work adjusted to my new reduced hours so I can get started on the projects lined up.
I am still carving linocuts for Francois Morelli, just finishing up another big one and he sent me 4 small ones to carve. I can’t wait!

I have some drawing lessons lined up to start new week.  Which is exciting, haven’t been able to teach since I left Montreal and always love doing it. Time to dust off my lesson plans and assignments and start on a new adventure!

Artistically I have been taking a few detours the past couple month mostly because time, daylight and energy was so extremely limited that I mostly worked on knitting and trying to declutter my studio.

Scott and I finally rented a Storage unit to store all those things that other people would have in their garages or storage closets.  Which freed up a lot of space in my studio.  Our current apartment is very small and has very little storage space which has cluttered up my studio to the point where it was impossible for me to work in it.

But as Scott always says if something doesn’t work for you, make changes. So that’s  what we did.

I am working on some knitting to use as backdrop for my paintings, and as new little installation project. I love knitting in an organic non-prescribed-pattern it definitely feels much more natural to me.

To become a bit more active again until it gets warm enough for me to run outside I started riding once a week at Turner Stables just about 15 minutes drive from our apartment. I haven’t had the chance to take lessons since I was a kid and being around horses has been absolutely wonderful. Except that riding at -11 C is a little bit cold.  
Additionally we have been hiking no matter what weather and exploring our new home.

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