Sunday, November 18, 2012

Metamorphosis - the art of Robert Pope at the Nova Scotia Art Gallery

The current exhibition on the top floor of the Nova Scotia Art Gallery had me gasping for air. Robert Pope's (1956- 1992) final pieces of artwork illustrated and expressed his experience through his battle with cancer. And they are very matter of fact, honest and absolutely emotionally charged. To me they communicated the silent scream and the frustrated battle of a man who wants to live. He explains the viewers experience perfectly:
  "Art is powerful preventative medicine," Pope wrote, "Looking at a picture is like walking through an endless series of doors, with each succeeding door leading us deeper and deeper into a richer experience. This journey stimulates our minds, our emotions, our souls. It makes us more fully alive. Ultimately, the aesthetic experience heals us and make us whole." (more here.)

Of course these few poor photographs don't do his work justice at all. The exhibition is still on until December 9th, and a definite must-see. And for more information on Robert Pope, his life and work check out this site.

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