Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yarn adventures - re-discovery of knitting & new exciting ideas

When Scott and I moved into our new apartment right above a Yarn shop we knew we were in trouble... After weeks of restraint I finally went in about a week and a half ago and got promptly bitten by the knitting bug. My great grandma taught me how to knit when I was a little girl but I couldn't remember how to do it. The lovely Kate at Dartmouth Yarns  taught me again how to cast on and do a simple knit stitch. I didn't remember how it worked but my hands did. As if I never stopped knitting 20 years later my hands picked it right away. So with my excitement of rediscovery I went home and knit away. My Mom and Mom-in-law both have given me very helpful pointers, which is greatly appreciated!
Of course as with everything my mind is trying to figure out how this could be useful in my artpractice. And the jump from my printed and drawn patterns to knitted patterns is a small step. So at the moment I am teaching myself how to knit lace (also thanks to the lovely Kate at Dartmouth Yarns for giving me answers to a million questions). Eventually the goal is to laceknit my own organic patterns that compliment with my paintings.. that will eventually maybe even become part of my paintings... We'll see. :) In the meantime I am just knitting away, trying different needles, different kinds of yarn and how to do the basic stitches.

My first creation. 

My second creation. 

Third one is mostly an experiment. 

And now I am learning how to knit a ribbed - lace pattern. On my way to learning all the little ways of making lace so I can create my own soon. 


Nicki said...

Clearly it all came back to you! These look beautiful! My mom taught me when I was little, too, and for years I've been dying to try it again and re- learn. Seeing your creations inspires me :)

Maria Doering said...

Just do it! :) It's completely relaxing, totally obsessive and wonderfully productive!