Thursday, September 6, 2012

Exploring Nova Scotia - Lunenburg

After exploring Peggy's Cove we drove on to Lunenburg. A beautiful little town! Unfortunately we were so hungry when we got there that I forgot to take photos of the actual town. Instead most of the images here are of the Marina and the Lunenburg Fisheries Museum. 

 On the Theresa E. Connor Schooner. Which used to man a crew of 28 people. Sure not a lot of room for 28! 

 Life boat. 

 Old dinnerware, the table had trays built in to make sure the dinnerware wouldn't fall off the table during rough weather.

 Captain Scott. 


 Whale skull
 Inside the Cape Sable fishing boat, this was the kitchen. 

We camped the night in the Islands Provincial Park in Shelburne, N.S. We arrived there so late that we only had a few minutes of daylight left and had to put the tents up mostly in the dark. Since it was Labour day weekend the campsite was completely taken over by families with kids. ;) The kids had a blast. We didn't get too much sleep. 

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