Friday, September 7, 2012

Exploring Nova Scotia - Best seafood, Yarmouth & Church Point

After camping the night at the Islands Provincial Park, we continued on towards Yarmouth. Scott had seen advertisment for the best Seafood Chowder in all of Nova Scotia back when we visited Peggy's Cove, we came to find more of these advertisements along the way towards Yarmouth, until all of our mouths watered and we followed the signs to a very off the beaten path little town with a surprisingly wealthy looking neighbourhood. Turns out we ended up in Lower West Pubnico and had passed through the Town of Pubnico and West Pubnico, at Dennispoint, were the legendary Cafe/Restaurant was located we found out that it's where most of Canada's seafood and fish get caught, the more than a 100 fishing boats in the harbour  keep 6 huge fish processing plants running throughout the year. The Seafood was absolutely delicious! Scott finally got the delicious Seafood Chowder that he has been dreaming about, I had a 'maria-friendly' Lobster Sandwich with the biggest chunks of Lobster I have ever encountered and Deb had a very very delicious looking sea food Casserole. What a treat! Definitely worth the drive and the little detour.
We continued on to Yarmouth which was rather underwhelming since everything was closed and it was more like a ghost town due to the long holiday weekend. Curving around the South Western Coast of Nova Scotia we now made our way to Church point, a very small acadian town with not so small University, this is where scott learned French a few years back. The weather was getting chilly,windy and smelling of rain so we did not stay for long.

 Best Seafood Chowder @ Dennispoint in West Pubnico, NS.

 Amazing Lobster Sandwich with the biggest chunks of Lobster ever! 

 Seafood Casserole with Broccoli Salad.
Lower West Pubnico, Canada's largest fishing marina.  

At the Yarmouth harbour, we didn't stay very long, it was labour day weekend and pretty much everything in town was closed. 

Acadian Coast, Church Point. 

 Church Point Lighthouse, one of the few that is not functioning anymore.
This is on the University of St. Anne Campus, this is were Scott went to French camp for 5 weeks a few years back. 

 It has graffiti asking for someone to fix up the lighthouse.

Coastline during low tide

 St. Marie's Church in Church point or as the Acadians call it Pointe-de-l'Église.
Largest and tallest all wooden building in North America. The church spire rises 56 meters (185ft) into the air according to Wikipedia. 

 I listened to a bit of history inside the church and was told that the ceiling paintings where painted by an artist who was severely afraid of heights, so in order to do his job he drank an entire bottle of wine each day, not sure how safe that would make his job ;). 

 St. Marie of the lightbulbs? 

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