Thursday, August 9, 2012

On Route to Halifax - Day IV & V - Kouchibouguac National Park, NB.

The next leg of our trip went as follows: woke up at 5:30 AM, packed up the tent and packed the car, took the 7:30 AM ferry (you had to be there by 6:45AM, and reserve a spot prior to the trip) from Les Escoumins, QC across the now 25kms wide St. Laurents to Trois-Pistoles, QC. From there we drove up to Rimouski with the plan of seeing the David Eliott exhibition, unfortunately the museum didn't open for many more hours and we had a long trip ahead of us. So after eating breakfast in Rimouski, we picked up a second sleeping bag (had had some scott stealing the blankets at night - issues that had to be resolved ;). ) And then decided to take the scenic route to New Brunswick. Rimouski -> Mont- Joli -> Amqui -> Cambellton, NB -> Bathurst, NB -> Miramichi, NB and finally Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick.
Our campsite this time was smack in the woods, and of course we had some nightly visitors as well, but by now we are camping pros and locked all the food in the car.  So whatever Racoon, Deer, Moose, Bear...etc.. came to scavenge they left empty handed. The next morning we went for a lovely hike on 2 of the trails in the National Park. What beautiful nature! What a reward when after several kilometres you all of a sudden end up on a beautiful completely wild beach!! It made the hike back so much easier!
The second half of the day we spent at Kelly's beach which was so breathtaking until the evil biting flies reclaimed their territory around dusk. Next day we finally headed to our new home in Dartmouth, NS. 

 5:30 AM at Paradis Marin! 

 On the Ferry to Trois-Pistoles

 The Ocean... I mean the St. Laurent River.

 Les Escoumins - Coast line.

 Again they were not captured in this picture but we saw SOOOOO MANY WHALES!! 

It was very cold on the Ferry. 

 Driving towards Amqui.
 All of a sudden the road started following this beautiful river which supposedly is very heavily populated with Salmon. The mountains in Gasp├ęsie started cropping up around us and it was too beautiful to not stop. So we stopped and came across a lovely boat in the lovely stream. ;) 
 What a beautiful spot. 
 Once we made it to Cambellton we had lunch. 
This is the bridge in Miramichi.

 Us in the woods.. of course inspiration was off the charts I tried putting the camera down, I really did... it didn't work!
 wild mushrooms
 wild mushrooms
 The Beaver trail had a boardwalk.

 Orsey trail was super wild with an ever changing Landscape!

 And then Black Point Beach half way through the hike!

 Mother and child deer tracks?
 awesome dead trees
 Then later that day, we explored Kelly's Beach.

 found someone's environmental art ;).

I am truely in love with Kouchibouguac National Park! What a beautiful place!!

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