Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On Route to Halifax - Day II&III - Tadoussac, Les Escoumins and the Whales at Paradis Marin

After our adventures in Quebec city and Montmorency Falls, and our first night of camping we drove on and we were very happy to have chosen the route through the Charlevoix region of Quebec. It was a feast for the eyes, we followed the road along the St. Lawrence River through gently rolling hills, beautiful views of the river, wild fields, wild flowers everywhere and it was truely breathtaking! Near Tadoussac the highway all of a sudden stopped and we drove onto a ferry, apparently they were too lazy to build a bridge ;) and instead made a free ferry ride mandatory if you want to continue on this way. After a 1 hour wait we finally made the quick 15 minute ferry ride across. It gave us a beautiful view of the St. Lawrence and the little river we were crossing. Between Tadoussac and Les Escoumins we camped for 2 nights at a beautiful campground called Paradis Marin and upon arrival saw a few whales poke there fins out of the water right away. The area around Tadoussac has a especially high amount of plankton and other dinner opportunities for whales, so they swim from the ocean into the gulf of st. laurent and all the way to Tadoussac for a good meal. There are LOTS. I didn't manage to photograph any but we saw all kinds of 'air-poofs', fins poking out and even one tail fin up in the air. We also visited Les Escoumins during low tide, a lovely town with a bay that almost entirely dries up during low tide. We climed on rocks that are usually under water and enjoyed the incredible view.

 Charlevoix Region and the St. Lawrence ( St. Laurent) River
 Right before we hopped on the Ferry in Tadoussac
 On the ferry to the other side of the highway. 
 Still in Quebec. 
 Les Escoumins - town
beautiful rocks, water and clouds 
 Sealife above water during low tide
 Les Escoumins basin during low tide. 
 Back at the campsite we climbed onto the rocks and whale watched! 

 Lots of other people were whale watching!
 It looks super calm, but there are lots of giants below the surface!
View from our Campsite, you see the Eastern shore beyond. :)


Unknown said...

Really very pictures available here, I am too much impressed from all that, so thankful to you for posting such a great news about Halifax
and these exciting pictures.

Maria Doering said...

Hello Kanchan tyagi!
Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it. I just want to clarify, that all the photos from the last two entries where taken in the Quebec Province and not anywhere near Halifax. My husband and I stopped in several locations on our way to Halifax from Montreal. So we camped in Quebec City, in Tadoussac (Quebec) and in Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick. I eventually will post photos of our arrival in Halifax as well.

Maria Doering said...

Also my comments about HALIFAX are all related to the city: Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia, Canada and not a Punk Band.