Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On Route to Halifax- Day I - Quebec City and Montmorency Falls

July 22nd, Scott and I left Montreal, the POD we rented had already been picked up the friday, all the good byes had been said and now we were on our way to Halifax. Instead of making it a sprint like the last time we drove there, we decided to make it a whole week of camping and drive through the regions of Quebec and New Brunswick that we had not been to. First stop Quebec City and Montmorency Falls that are very close by. 

 It seemed that almost anywhere in Quebec city we have had a really nice view.

 While exploring old Quebec I found all these rather cool details, like this post with a horses head and the door knob below. 

 To get to Montmorency Falls its a lovely hike and on our way I was fascinated with all the tree roots

Bridge crossing right over the falls, not for people who are afraid of heights... Like me. While on the bridge I mostly focussed on the other side and not the crazy deep drop!

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