Friday, August 10, 2012

On Route to Halifax - Arrival in Halifax/Dartmouth - the move and Natal Day Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed the little photo-blog-series about our trip to Nova Scotia. This is now the final installment.On the morning of day 6 we packed everything up and we drove from Kouchibouguac National Park, NB -> Moncton, NB -> Amherst, NS -> Truro, NS -> Dartmouth, NS. Dartmouth is part of the Halifax Regional Municipality. Downtown Dartmouth is directly across the Harbour from Downtown Halifax. Our new apartment is in Downtown Dartmouth, 2 blocks from the Ferry Terminal. Great location, beautiful view of the harbour, and it seems and endless amount of running trails and things to discover. After being here for 2 weeks now we are most definitely falling in love with the place! It helped that our first weekend after moving in was Natal Day Weekend which is all about lots and lots of celebrations and events here. We saw the Busker festival, we saw Wintersleep in Concert at Alderney Landing (Dartmouth Ferry Terminal). There were Fireworks every evening, long distance races as well as parades. The list of things going on was endless. 

This was the Route we drove :). Definitely click on the photo to see the details!

Hello Nova Scotia! 

 Almost there!!!!!!

A = where we live. Click on the photo to see the larger Version. 

 View onto George's Island. The weather wasn't great the day we arrived. Luckily it had some time to get better before our moving container arrived the next day.
 View from our living room and my studio. I can't explain how happy it makes me to be so close to water!!
 Our dear friend Ryan Palmer surprised us with a visit from P.E.I., he lives about 4h drive away and he drove down just to help us move in. This is Scott and Ryan hanging out on our balcony, waiting for the POD to arrive.
 And here it is. POD being delivered with PODzilla, this crazy contraption that spreads out like spiderlegs and lifts the pod of the truck. 
 Then the truck drives away and the POD gets lowered down. 
I know its hard to believe but barely anything shifted in here. Spiderman would be proud! Even all of our plants survived! We hired movers to help us unload the pod and carry everything upstairs, they were very impressed with our Pod-packing skills. Still can't believe we managed to fit EVERYTHING!  
 Moving everything upstairs only took 3 hours, unpacking and getting the apartment to a livable state took 1 solid week. Luckily Scott didn't have to go back to work until Wednesday and our friend Matt stopped by and helped out on Sunday as well. I will post photos of the end result soon in a different post. 

 After 7 days of working our butts off we decided to take the weekend off. Natal Day Weekend was August 3rd until Monday August 6th. We jumped right into the experience! 
 On the Ferry from Downtown Dartmouth ( Alderney Landing) to Downtown Halifax
 We met Theodore Tugboat at the Halifax waterfront. 
 Les VitaminĂ©s - our favourite performers at the Busker Festival. They were a great mix of REALLY funny and REALLY acrobatic. Scott and I enjoyed every moment of their performance. It was good to laugh so hard that your stomach hurt after. :)

Too bad that the 1812 is trying to get people excited about war, because otherwise it pretty cool to have giant numbers hanging out were people can climb on them. 
 Alderney Landing Outdoor Stage, this is actually the entrance to the building, pretty cool that it can be so easily turned into a stage! Wintersleep concert was quite enjoyable!
 Sunset at the Dartmouth Marina.

 MacDonald Bridge or (the old bridge), coming from Montreal that bridge should be dubbed the beautiful, no cracks, brand-new looking bridge!

Fireworks. :) 

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