Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exploring Halifax & Dartmouth - Drawings

Since my studio is not quite usable yet, I am working on filling a small moleskin pocket sketchbook. Scott and I are exploring the area as much as we can and whenever possible I draw from life or sometimes from Photographs that I took along the way. 

We hung out on a Bench in the Halifax Public Gardens and watched the ducks sleeping, it was really nice until some people (Adults!!) came by and chased them away, it was really quite a bit disturbing.

A fountain in the Public Gardens. 

 Drawing at home. 

 Drawing a drawing of me and my foot, while I am drawing me and my foot.. .and so on. 

 view from my window, downtown Darmouth 
 a building next door, it had rained and there was a lake on the roof. 

down by the Alderney Landing Ferry

sitting on the board walk on the Halifax waterfront, rocks and then ocean. 

 Seagulls at Clam Harbour Beach, this guy snuck onto our blanket and started picking away at our stuff the moment we went into the ocean. 
 plants and growths in the Dunes.

Antenna of a house boat at the harbour. 

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