Monday, August 20, 2012

Clam Harbour Beach

It was a beautiful sunny day on Saturday and we decided to do our first exploratory trip into the area around Halifax. There are many beaches much closer but Scott decided we should check out Clam Harbour Beach at Clam Harbour Provincial park. It's about an hour drive from Dartmouth, but we didn't mind it was a very beautiful drive! Passing by countless lakes and of course the ocean. We noticed that the weather in Nova Scotia is very different from the weather we had experienced anywhere else. Fog happens a lot and it can come so quick, and then disappear at a hats drop. Very fickle. Yesterday for example there was no fog in Dartmouth or Halifax but when we drove over the Bridge between the two cities all of a sudden there was a very thick veil of fog. 
During our trip to Clam Harbour we experienced the Fog again in a different way. The entire drive there the weather was beautifully Sunny and hot, until we arrived in Clam Harbour and turned into the Provincial Park region. It was like descending into a pool of fog, and the temperature dropped 6 (!) degrees in a few minutes. So when we arrived at the beach the entire area was just being enveloped by the thickest fog I have ever seen. The life guards at the beach had to leave there look-out and walk all the way to the water's edge to be able to see the swimmers. Throughout our stay the weather changed again and the coast became more and more clear. 

A.= Clam Harbour, the little tail is Clam Harbour Provincial park with its beaches.

 Though it was very very mosquito infested there were some very beautiful areas near the beach. 

 At this point the fog had cleared a lot. 
 The tide had exposed many of the underwater plants, love how colorful they are once you get up close! 

 Scott loved the water, a bit too much sea grass floating around for my taste but he went swimming a few times :).

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