Monday, October 31, 2011

October, Fall and all such things


Life has been busy. I am back to working 3 jobs.
1. at Click Imprimerie on Mackay, stop by and say hello!
2. I teach a LOVELY Drawing I course at the Westmount Visual Arts Center and
3. I carve and soon print linocuts for Francois Morelli.
AND of course I also make art. I am currently working on a large 36x36 inch painting for the Square Affaire (the fundraiser for the VAC at the Mclure Gallery) that is due November 14th. So as soon as it's finished I will post photos!

Scott is also working 2 jobs at the moment. So between the two of us we are busybusybusy again. But we balance it ok at the moment. A big highlight recently was our little Tea date. We discovered an AMAZING tea house in our neighborhood. It's the CHA GUAN Tea House on Monkland. The total experience was lovely. We did wish the owner himself would have been present since we heard he tells you more about the history of the tea and the ceremony. But otherwise it was truely a beautiful experience. We relaxed in a comfortable environment for about 2 hours enjoying our tea with the whole Zhong tea set ritual.
I had a fantastic Ginseng Wulong tea and Scott enjoyed a tea that was picked by Monkeys I don't know the name of it though. I was so tempted to buy a Zhong tea set right there because it seemed like there is no better way to enjoy a cup of tea!

Scott tried their "Healthy Sprint Bites" delicious shrimp, mango and cucumber in a spicy sauce inside this amazing edible rice paper shell. Beautiful presentation!

Lovely Zhong tea set!
TINY cup of tea. :)

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