Thursday, March 3, 2011

Studio Chaos

Of course I've been working more than 10 projects at the same time. So my studio space is total chaos at the moment.
- Anne - marie portrait
- pillow fabric linocut prints
- carving linocut for francois morelli
- working on wedding invitations/thank you cards
- inventory for Sunrise Passion Goods
- inventory for Pattern Passion Goods
- those three paintings hanging on the wall above my desk are still not quite finished
- lanterns for the wedding
- pouches for wedding favors
- etc..etc..

So it's kind of chaos right now..

Finding a place to store my Thesis work was also a challenge. Should have stuck to tiny drawings instead of 8x2 ft linocuts! ;)


LittleCanoe said...

Wow!!! That's almost worse than mine! (almost)

Maria Doering said...

hahaha! ;) this isn't even that bad yet.

Gillyweeds said...

chaotic, but it's cool to see how other people work (or hoard, in my case!).