Saturday, February 19, 2011

Making of my wedding invitations

Our wedding invitations where quite the production, but of course I couldn't help myself, they just had to be totally unique and turned into this crazy elaborate project.




Our wedding colors are blue and orange, so first I needed to mix a large batch of inks of exactely the colors Scott and I had envisioned.


Linocut Pattern printing on the envelopes and the actual invitation. Fiona assisted printing both sets of envelopes. AMAZING!

Inking up the block.

Prepping the press.

Placed envelopes on the linocut.

printing of the outer envelopes

We printed the outer envelopes with blue.
The fabric portion of the invitation was printed part linocut and part silkscreen.
Fiona helped with the first few and Scott assisted with the rest of the batch on these. It would have taken me 3 times as long with out them!

The amazing Chloe Beaulac printed the fabric invitations with Fiona as her assistant, while I printed the letterpress parts of the invitation.

Ironing each print to make the silkscreen ink permanent.

LOOOOTS of Papercutting...

Letterpress with type setup.
All other parts of the invitations where printed digitally on my good old epson desktop printer ;).

When we finally had all parts of the invitations printed and Anne-Marie, Matt and Brad came over to help us assemble them. It was amazing and a lot of fun that everyone helped!

My mom was so amazing to address all of the envelopes. We missed only 2 addresses in the end. So glad she labeled everything for us, she has a beautiful handwriting! Thanks Mutti!


Kate Korroch said...

I'm so happy for you! Everything looks great!

Maria Doering said...

Thank you Kate! :)