Monday, December 20, 2010

Engagement Photos

Our dear friend Nicole Grinstead and her husband Andrew agreed to take our engagement photos with us. The two were great and it was a very enjoyable photoshoot.
We walked around the Old Port in Montreal. In the end we had so many photos that we liked that we couldn't decided on just one for the Save-the-date cards. We had all the best ones printed and mixed it up. So everyone is receiving a different card :).
Scott and I are a great team and we worked hard to get those cards finished before Christmas. I will post pictures of the process soon we want them to arrive at people's homes first. ;)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!
so nice,love Mom

Alice Wong said...

I LOVE IT! You guys are amazing <3

racheal said...

Omg I love the one of kissing under the tree. Lovee you Guys!