Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am engaged :).

I'm engaged!! I'm going to get married next year in June (or July).

My (most wonderful person in the world) Fiancé Scott proposed to me in the evening of November 17th, 2010. Completely spontaneously out of the blue. He had planned to wait until the weekend but realized that carrying around a ring is like a ticking bomb so he just couldn't help himself.
What did I do to trigger such spontaneity? I told him how I trash-talked one of his rival hockey teams. Scott is a very big Vancouver Canucks fan and when I told him that I was giving a buddy of mine a hard time about his hockey team, it must have blown his mind.
We had both just come home to eat a snack and leave a few minutes later, him to night-class at French school, and I to go back to work to job #... who knows. So when I trash-talked the toronto leafs he looked at me and said.... "OK .. that's it... close your eyes.. I have a surprise for you..." ... Now I was intrigued but I completely expected that he had a Canucks T-shirt or Jersey for me, definitely something hockey related.
So he sat down next to me with his hands behind his back, telling me to open my eyes again, and asked me to choose a hand. I said left, he told me there is nothing in the left hand. I said middle... he laughed and said there is no middle hand... I said right... and he placed the ringbox in my hand, opened it and said: "Would you like to marry me?" And from the moment the ring box showed up in my hand my mind stepped out of my body, everything was blurry and I watched my body freaking out with an asthma attack while my mind was screaming YESS!!!. Then I realized it's not enough to have my mind screaming I have to actually tell him too or he will freak out. :) So I said YES! and then freaked out and started crying (totally happy tears).
Best part... he proposed to me in his boxers... I loved it!!! Because it was just THAT spontaneous, and it was beautiful and completely REAL!
He gave me his Mother's engagement ring, which is sooo beautiful. I am very excited!


Anonymous said...

Yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, i am Happppyyyy for you both and for us...
Love you !

Anonymous said...

awww love, that's a great story! I am that friend! hahaha. Congrats Maria.

Love ya,

Maria Doering said...

lol, jeremy, you are the leafs fan! BOOOOOOOH!

Lina said...

Congratulations! And: I love your paintings!