Saturday, October 16, 2010

Inner Landscape - sale and installation- and lots of other stuff going on


my last post was in September, and now October is already leaning towards it's end.
There is a lot to tell about so, so here it goes!

Anne-Marie Leuchs saw one of my large mixed media paintings during her last visit in Montreal, and decided to purchase it. Scott and I delivered it to her in Ottawa today and I installed it for her in her bedroom. I am extremely excited about this because this painting couldn't have found a better home! It fits PERFECTLY into her bedroom, onto her light yellow painted walls with her red drapes and comforter, one could think it was painted for that bright and beautiful room.

A hearty handshake to welcome Anne Marie to the world of art collectors and patrons...

... and all of it is just THIS exciting!

Matt asked me if I am sad that I don't have it in my studio anymore, and I honestly have to say there is not the tiniest bit of sadness, "Inner Landscape" found the perfect home and will be appreciated with all the love it deserves. YEAY!

So now that I got all this excitement out of the way, here is what else is new:
Scott and I purchased flat-files for my studio and we rearranged a lot of our furniture in the entrance hall/studio area. I am really happy with my space now, and I should have bought these years ago!

Last weekend I took a little break and drew Scott while he was studying. It was just a quick sketch for fun.

I currently work 4 jobs. I teach at the Westmount Visual Arts Center. I have a WONDERFUL group of very enthusiastic students in my black and white to color portrait drawing class. And I am enjoying teaching them as well as learning with them very much.

There are piles of books around my desk at the moment, each class I seem to carry an entire library to my students. I haven't had the chance yet to collect enough for regular powerpoint presentations, and books are just irreplaceable.

I also work full time for Epreuves Illimitee/Proofs unlimited a small commercial printer/mockup shop in Lachine, or what used to be Ville St. Pierre. My boss is currently building a new website/identity but in the meantime this old site will give you an idea of what we do.

I've also been doing research at Concordia for a Sustainable Concordia grant that we received to find non-toxic printmaking solutions for the Print Media/Printmaking shop. And it's been REALLY interesting and very enjoyable. I think I am going to start printing more with non-toxic alternatives myself. I really like what I learned and found out.

And last but definitely not least I am working for Francois Morelli, check out his website HERE. I am creating a linocut for him of one of his belt head drawings. It's a really great experience and I get to work on a very large lino. YEAY!

So.. and in between all this craziness, I am planning new projects of my own. Also Scott and I have been doing inventory of all my art works, we are making a database to keep better organized and we are somewhere at 740 pieces and no where near finished.

In all this stress we were invited to a lovely evening at our friend Ryan's place, he had brought back 2 boxes of Oysters from Prince Edward Island and Scott and I had Oysters for the first time. DELICIOUS! Aparently I am very talented at shucking Oysters, I "cracked" almost the entire first box. It was a lot of fun.


Racheal said...

oh my god! you are busy! but, doing amazing things!
i miss you so much!

Congrats on the sale/adoption:)

Maria Doering said...

hey girl! I miss you too! still waiting for you letter! :)