Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New York New York...

We spent Labor Day weekend in New York visiting my best friend Fiona. Scott had never been in New York so we explored the city for two days straight (my legs are still sore). It was nice to see the city out of someone elses eyes :).

Fiona has a beautiful new camera and took lots and lots of pictures of us, so some of these are hers and some are mine (u can usually tell by the quality).

Brooklyn Bridge! (taken by Fiona)

In the Subway. (taken by Fiona)

Fiona and I at a Gourmet Pizza place that specialized their dishes for people like me (with lots of allergies).

One of my fav. buildings in New York. The Flatiron building.

Short break at the Flatiron building. (taken by Fiona)

Scott's first "dirty new york water"-hot dog. hahahaha he loved it and it was delicious. (taken by Fiona)

During our visit of the MET this one was definitely one of my favorites! The Massacre of the Innocent by belgian painter Francois -Joseph Navez (1787 - 1869) (taken by Fiona)

Scott and Fiona's turtle had a bonding experience.

Jamie striking a pose for the camera

Fiona and Andre at Central Park

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good time!
Love Mom