Saturday, August 14, 2010

Devon and Bird - Monotype - in progress - Part VI

Hello hello,

I printed another layer last night (red tone) and two more layers of blue this morning. I think that I only need one more warm layer and then it's finished :).

The ink transfered onto the offset blanket right before it's being printed.

Image with the newest red layer.

close up.

mixed up a blue this morning that wasn't in my palette.

Inked up plate.
wiped plate.


with the blue layer.
wiping the second blue layer of the day.

with this layer I think the shadows and blues are all established. I believe I should be finished after printing one more warm color. On this print I have worked completely out of order from the way I usually work. My usual approach is to work lightest and warmest color to coolest and darkest color. But I to achieve the grays I had to switch it up a lot which is kind of refreshing!


Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!

Kate Korroch said...

Incredible, Maria!!