Thursday, August 5, 2010

Devon and Bird - Monotype - in progress - Part II

I just finished the next layer on the "Devon and Bird" Monotype and I am so excited, also because it took 3 solid hours to wipe this one, that I have to post pictures right now. Lol ... as I mentioned before, Monotype always gets me all crazy with each layer because with each layer the image becomes more and more refined, detailed and clear. So it's like seeing the image emerge ... so crazy to me since I work each layer up separately...anyways.. enough with the rambling here are the pictures.. :)

Above is with today's blue layer and below is what it looked like before. Btw really sorry for the bad photographs, when it's done I will take some proper ones in perfect lighting and without the skew. ;)

Inking roller/inking slap.

I rolled the blue on my linoblock
then wiped the blue away except in the places I wanted it to print... I do this with rags (shop towels) and Q-tips (the Johnson& Johnson ones for super absorbancy) and the small and harder no-name brand ones for detail.

Lots more to wipe....

And this is what the finished wiping looked like before I printed it.

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Racheal said...

i really like the blue tone of this! i like how it's soft. oh, and the composition