Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Devon and Bird - Monotype - in progress

Monotype - awesomeness... "Devon and Bird"... I don't know what it is but everytime I do a monotype I am sooooooooooooo amazed by the outcome.. it's as if I forgot how much I love this technique and then I do it and am blown away. So these are a few photos of the work in progress.

My palette of mixed inks ready to go...

first grey.

then yellow on top of the grey.

then a transparent orange on top of the yellow and the grey.

then a transparent red tone over top of orange, yellow, grey.

now a less transparent stronger red ontop of the light red, orange, yellow and grey.

same red again but in fewer areas to get it more intense and darker.

This was the dark red tone it's sort of like a key layer that starts to really define the image. This is it on the linoblock on the press ready to go.

And this is the most recent state 1 run of lightblue, 2 runs of dark red, 2 runs of red, 1 run of light red, orange, yellow and grey. 9 colors and I haven't even begun to add the dark blues yet, and I also have a nice dark brown to add if the blues aren't enough. So well see. The shirt is going to be mostly blue, and bird needs lots of grey tones too. This is printed on a sheet of white 22x30, I will have to trim probably 2 inches from the top, since it's not centered on the sheet right now so the final print will probably be around 20x30. I have 3 of these that are close to identical. And as always I'm printing them on a small offset press.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed!!!!!

Maria Doering said...

who are you? :)

Anonymous said...

deine Mama .... lol!!!

Maria Doering said...

na das musste doch mal dazu sagen! :)
freut mich das es dir gefaellt!