Friday, July 30, 2010


Should I start with Cards or with the gigantic pillow? Ok I guess the pillow it is. :) I'll talk about cards tomorrow... So in my last two entries I mentioned I am working on a new linocut. During my week-long stay in Val David I finished carving that little "monster of intricacies". During my last few hours before my departure I printed a few "test sheets" of fabric with the round lino and then headed home. So thinking about what I want to do with this fabric I spontaneously decided to pin two (back to back) together, sew them and have 2 large round pillows as a result, and I am definitely excited about them . They aren't finished and I think I might want to attach a zipper or buttons to allow you to take the stuffing out, or add more.. not sure yet. But I kind of love this, I could imagine a whole room filled up with these weird "cell" - pillows :D

finished linocut




I have to buy more stuffing to fill it up, but you get the idea :).


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love love love love love!