Thursday, July 22, 2010

back in Val-David for a week

So have I mentioned I got a full time job? I think I have, well if I haven't I work for a place called: Proofs Unlimited/Colormage and so far it's been pretty cool. I've learned loads and it hasn't gotten boring... oh AND it's a 9-5 job ... and only a 10 minute drive to get there... :) I like it. Anyways I am also going to teach a Portraiture/ life drawing course at the Westmount Visual Arts Centre starting in September. Every Monday night for 12 weeks! Oh boy! :) Have to make sure my French is up there, since I have to teach billingual! So have been practicing lots here in V.D.
I'm up north for a week because my boss closes the company during Quebec's two weeks of "construction holiday". This week is my time to relax AND pretty much everything I am making is to be sold on etsy or at the art boutique. So I'm focusing big time on producing new greeting cards and a few other fun things. Additionally I've made major progress on my new linocut, this time a round one! Yeah I know sounds way out there ;).
new round lino

A little preview to some of the cards i'm printing.

In the summer there are crazy things going on in Val David, including 1001 pots, a huge pottery event. This was one of my favorite things that I realllllly wish I could afford. :D

I also REALLY would love to have this tea set, each of the tiny cups were something around 20 dollars. ;)

Love those wobbly cool vases!

That's Nicole this super cool person who I stay with each time I'm in Val David. It's like a home away from home :).

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