Friday, May 14, 2010

Large Format Linocut Workshop Val David (Part I)

Hello! I haven't been the most active blogger lately since I have been very busy between applying for jobs and preparing/teaching the Linocut course in Val David at the Atelier de l'Ile. BUT it has been a lot of FUN! The premise of the course is to become comfortable with the large lino block, composition, carving, pattern experiments but most importantly it is a collaborative project. We have 3 teams of 2 Participants each, and every team is developing and carving one 2 x 3 ft large linoblock. The goal is to play and experiment with patterns and textures and create a composition based on movement.

Nicole and Denise discussing and drawing out their composition and patterns on vellum.

Lise and Yolaine carving up a storm!

Johanne and Marie-Claude working on their block.

Proof of hard work!

The more comfortable they are getting the smaller the pattern.

Intricate circle pattern carved by Denise and Nicole.

Marie-Claude's specialty is carving very very very long strips of continues linoleum that we called "Spaghetti".

Originally the class was designed for 8 Participants, so we had one linoleum block left over which I used to do demos on. Of course I'm now finishing it at home, and since I don't have a teammate I asked Scott to help me carve (photos of that follow at the end of the entry)
Yolaine and Lise inking there large block as a team.
The course is a 2 weekend adventure, at the end of this first weekend we proofed the blocks in progress. The Participants are going to finish carving until the beginning of June. The first weekend in June is the second part of the workshop, when we are going to first experiment, and then print and edition all the blocks together.

HMMMMMM! Textures!

Marie Claude and Johanne inking their block.

Nicole and Denise pulling their first Proof! :)

In all the craziness I totally forgot to take photos of Nicole and Denise inking their blocks, so sorry!

And finally...

Back home Scott is helping to finish the 4rth block, so it is ready for the 2nd part of the workshop in June.

He carved until lino came out of his ears.... ;)


Anonymous said...

He Scott.....your Graziness ;-)

Maria Doering said...

lol thanks mama. I let him know. ;)