Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Starch fest ... starring Joanne Madeley

It is 1:55 am and for the first time in months I can't sleep. So since my thesis insanity is now officially over, I am going to start posting everything I've been wanting to post that relates to the thesis exhibition.

This entry is going to be about the "starch fest" I had with Joanne Madeley, who so wonderfully volunteered ridiculous amounts of her bit of free time to help me mold/starch my body into the printed fabric that I have recently finished.
After trying corn starch blob and sugar water I settled on spray starch. It took about 1 - 1 1/2 bottles of spray starch per piece of fabric, and they turned out AMAZING!

But first I had to wrap myself in plastic wrap to prevent possible allergic reactions.... ;)

So here is the best part of this absolutely ridiculous plastic wrap adventure. As Joanne and I were working on this project I was waiting for UPS to deliver my exhibition invitations. So when the UPS guy finally rang the door bell I was completely wrapped in this plastic stuff and tried to hide in my jacket. Never the less he still noticed it and told me cheerfully: "OH! My wife does that too when she works out! She wraps herself in plastic!" and I explained to him that this isn't for a work out it is for an art project and he said: "Oh gosh! Don't tell anyone that the UPS guy's wife shrink-wraps herself!" Sorry Mister UPS guy, this story is too good not to tell!

By far the most difficult and uncomfortable position to hold.

Joanne and I blow-dried together.

Hmmmmm Spray Starch! Who would have thought that a bottle of Spray starch can be as little as $2.70 and as much as $5.20. I was absolutely amazed to see the price differences between all the different drugstores and supermarkets for EXACTLY the same product.

The kitchen turned into "Starch-camp".


Racheal said...

what the??!!!

Maria Doering said...

not sure if that is a positive or a negative "what the??!!!" ;)