Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Installation of Aufloesung: beyond the surface thesis exhibition.

Wednesday March 31st, I hired a friend of a friend who owns a van and was super cool to help me bring all the work to school, which were the best 40 dollars I have spent! If you need someone to help you move your art work or your band or anything, let me know I'll give you his contact information. VERY cool guy! He is coming tomorrow to help me bring everything home. Definitely worth it! So anyways, I brought everything to school. Met with Judy my advisor to get her thoughts on it all, she stopped by at least 5 or 6 times over the next two days which was incredibly helpful. Then around 6 o'clock Armeno and Scott showed up and started painting the walls because it looked like a disaster, I started working on the fabric installation in the middle of the gallery since that one no one could help me with. I brought chocolate cupcakes and bought a bag of Samosas, which is pretty much what I lived of for 2 days.

WHERE to put it all?
The chicken wire that supports the fabric pieces.

Since he is SO proud of it, I just had to post the photo of Scott painting this wall. To my amusement he pointed it out to everyone at the Vernissage that he painted it for me :). Armeno ("the great") and Brad ("also the great") painted almost the entire rest of the gallery while I worked on setting up the fabric installation in the center.

The boys realigned and attached the window covers. Looks way easier than it was! This way I had control over the lighting.
the fabric installation is growing in the meantime, I think I used about 3000 sewing pins to hold this all together.
Brad and Armeno then put i-hooks in 1-2 ft distances along the wall and stringed fishing line between, to build a hanging system for my starched fabric work "Embodiment". They painted the I-hooks white after so that they turn almost invisible.
it's growing...

more wiring with invisible fishing line.
On Thursday morning Caitlin and Evans came by to help put up the Embodiment pieces and the giant linocut prints.
I don't remember when this was but I was surely confused.
toools tooools tooools I love tools.
Talking and thinking about 30 things at the same time. Thank you to Judy my advisor (who took the next few photos) for helping me make sense of it all!
Still growing!
Armeno is awesome, have I mentioned that he is amazing? This show wouldn't have been possible without his input and help!! I can't even begin to explain all the effort he put in to make this perfect!! :) A million thanks!
It was about 8 pm on Thursday, we still had 2 walls to hang and damn was I tired. But everyone just continued to be brilliant! I really love this photo, Judy took it and I think we all look much better than we felt ;). Brad, moi, Caitlin and Armeno (from left to right).

yeah... I know... at this point prints where just on the floor without even newsprint to protect them. ;)

On friday morning Scott and I came in and worked a solid 5-6 hours on getting the lighting perfect and hanging a last few pieces. Then we went kiteflying since it was the first nice day of the year. And later he went home to make a fantastic beef roast and I went back to the gallery to finish the ever growing "inside me" fabric installation and to clean up the gallery.

I think I might have mentioned it a few times before but without: Armeno, Brad, Caitlin, Scott, Judy and Evans I wouldn't have been able to get the show up! So... A MILLION THANK YOU's TO YOU ALL!

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Anonymous said...

Good job....i loved the show!
Thanks to all!
Marias Mom