Sunday, April 25, 2010

AUFLÖSUNG: beyond the surface : Vernissage April 10th, 2010

I was completely overwhelmed during my Vernissage. So many wonderful people came to see my work and I couldn't even speak with everyone. But I wanted to say THANK YOU, for coming to see my work. My Mother took a few photos, so here a few snaps from the show!
First we storm the Buffet then we hang out with the artwork. :)

Nicole and her cousin came to visit from Val-David.
Anne-Marie and Matt live in Ottawa, I was so excited to see them at my exhibition. In fact I was so excited and overwhelmed that I forgot to say hello to Matt until about half an hour later. Embarassing.

Genevieve, a fellow Grad student who came by to give me very insightful feedback! :)

FIOOOONNAAAAA! :) Fiona and Andre both drove up from New York City to attend the show and chill in Montreal for the weekend. :)

Nicole Davidson, the mayor of Val-David. She is the kindest and most wonderful person I have met in Canada. She was supposed to go on a well deserved vacation in Cuba and moved her trip one week later so she could surprise me at my Vernissage. :) THANK YOU NICOLE! :)

Margarita who graduated last year with her Masters stopped by and took a very close look at my 8ft linocuts.

My buddy Jay who used to go to U. of Hartford as well drove up from Potsdam, NY with a friend of his. Was really good to see him!
My Dad :)

I'm explaining lithography to Sandra :). With whom I took a Massage course last year.

Scott was so cute, one of his business school friends came by and he explained to him printmaking! :) It was awesome to witness!

I can't even begin to explain how much crap this man had to endure because I was going crazy with stress for the three months prior to the exhibition. Thank you for continuesly picking me back up and being there no matter what! :)

I'm so glad my parents where both able to come to the show! It was SO nice to have them both here!!!!! I hope it happens again soon! :)


Anonymous said...

Good Times...we love you!
Mom and Dad

Maria Doering said...

I love you too! :)