Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things to do ....right now...

Things to do:

-finally decide on the title of the show - done
-make show invitation & order them
-finish preparing thesis presentation
-sew fabric scrolls and make hanging system
-trim edges 3rd linocut ricepaper scroll
-finish writing thesis statement
-fix up rupture scrolls/drawings!
-figure out the format of the thesis statement books (edition 15),
- cut covers, cut more papers, print more stuff, bind books, layouts, go through more proofs and prints to include
- maybe typeset and emboss some phrases
-get clip lights from G. and P., ask at CDA about clip and floor lights for show
-get pins,wire,fishingline, nails, thread - done
-make chicken wire structures for fabric installation - almost done
-sent out invitation as soon as they come in
-order vinyl letter for show title/name for gallery walls
-figure out transportation for materials to the show (friend with huge van? rent a truck from Home depot?)
-deal with MFA group show submission and installation
-deal with starving artist project submission
-figure out what to do with blog/process idea
-recruit more helpers for installing the show
-press release for show...
-food and drink for vernissage
-check if security got letter for opening hours
-keep starching fabric
-make more mesh-shapes
-hanging system for ricepaper prints.
-sent press release EVERYWHERE



Anonymous said...

Go Maria go,go,go,go,go!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

You can do...ittttt!

Anonymous said...

We can't wait to see your SHOW!

Racheal said...

damn girl! you can do it!!!!!! wish i could make it up there for the show. xoxo